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Voting is :(

2009-07-09 08:00:42 by AdventureBiscuit

Guess what? for some of my submissions, people gave me a zero right away.

Now i'm not saying that i'm really good or something, but i think that i would get more than a zero; in fact, i think that EVERYONE who's submitted music should get at least a one (provided that it has some sort of musical structure, and i'd like to think i have that in my songs)

It makes me think someone is conspiring against me... :'(


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2009-07-25 10:56:43

Don't think that; those 0's are either people who only vote 5 on songs made by their favourite author or 0-bombers who vote 0 on other songs and 5 on theirs so they come out on top. You learn to get used to it, but you're completely right to say that everyone should get at least a 1 for songs they worked hard on.

AdventureBiscuit responds:

True dat!

It's just bad for the little composers that dont get many views; people automatically don't listen to low-scoring submissions. And you know, people deserve to have their submissions seen or heard.

It just saddens me.

Thanks for that :)