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Reason or FL Studio? That is the question.

2009-08-12 03:58:11 by AdventureBiscuit

so all you music making mavericks out there (yay alliteration)...

What of this music creation software? What is one to choose in a world of choice?

Basically, I simply MUST know what is better: Reason, or FL?

I have been told that FL is good. quite good. I know many who prefer it over Reason, but having no experience with such software, I don't know. I have Reason at the present moment, which is pretty neat, and better than boring old MIDI on it's own.

Pro's and con's? Comparisons? Suggestions?

Anyhoo, off I go.




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2009-08-12 04:35:41

google will give you more info

from my experience

FL pros:
-Very efficient sequencer
-Very user friendly interface and plugins

FL cons:
-can't utilize more than 2 GB of RAM ATM
-stock samples are weak (overused may be the proper keyword here)

Reason Pros:
-complicated, but more sophisticated and intuitive internal plugins
-automation and pattern controls are more specific (you have more precise control over aspects such as changing time signatures and tempo in Reason)

Reason Cons:
-terrible sequencer
-no third party support
-FX plugins arent the greatest

Ultimately, there is no better choice. I won't be the only one to say this; use what works best for style and workflow. it's the producer that makes professional music, not the program.

AdventureBiscuit responds:

True, it IS the composer. Im thinking I'm going to try out FL Studio.

As you've said, they seem to both have their strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps having both in one's reach would be good.

Thanks for the explanation; its good to get info from people who've used the programs.