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Damn zero-givers!

2009-08-24 00:56:47 by AdventureBiscuit

I'm getting a bit annoyed at people giving straight up zero's to random people and giving themselves fives. It's so damn cheap, and bad for the artists that do good work.

Especially if they have a whole bunch of voting power. D:<

I wish you could at least see who's voted on something. That would solve a lot of problems.


Anyway, there's my little outburst out of the way.



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2009-08-24 01:08:59

Just fire your lazor.

AdventureBiscuit responds:


All done^^


2009-09-07 05:16:49

why dont you do it

AdventureBiscuit responds:

because its mean, thats why :D


2009-09-14 02:53:14

Haha, I know what you mean. I'm new to making music and putting it on newgrounds. I nearly had a heart attack the other day when someone rated the audio a zero and didn't even tell me why. ^^"

AdventureBiscuit responds:

It's a little bit mean, isn't it? I had a similar experience when it first happened to me; it's not very nice, ayy?

It's good that you can't get blammed in audio (as far as I know), so yeah :)

Hope it doesn't happen too much to you, though :3