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Song lengths?

Posted by AdventureBiscuit - October 8th, 2009

I'm starting to find that I'm writing longer songs. This makes me happy and also worried; happy because I can expand even more on ideas and whatnot, but worried that if the song is too long, then people aren't going to listen to it. Because the attention span of a listener may not be very large.

So what do you guys think? Short and sweet or long and detailed? And how long is too long?


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I think when you get above the typical loop length (like a minute), longer is better if it's a great song and you don't make it incredibly repetitive. And it's more fun to make too, at least I get more of a kick from making a long epic song than short ones

When you get around 30:00, the song is - in absolutely every case ever - too long. Still there are people who can keep their songs great and catchy even if they clock in at like 20:00 *cough*dreamteather*COUGH SNEER*

lololol! dream theatre! hahaha!

Yes, their songs are hectic long!

But yes. What I've found is that if I write a long song, it'll have lots of different styles or have dramatic dynamics. Like, epic heavy parts and soft piano parts, for example.

But a 30-minute song is totally off the chain! imagine that! xD

It really depends on what people are going to use the song for. An example would be someone who is looking for something to listen to while on the computer. Such a song could be longer then a song that might be used in a flash game that is only ten minutes even on the hardest difficulty. In other words, think of what you want your songs to be used for and then make them long enough to suit their purpose. Of course if you are not trying to make the songs for any particular purpose then just make them as long as you want. If someone wanted a shorter version they could always just ask.

Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time. - ( Have a nice day )

Yeah. The problem with that is, I don't really think of what the song would be for when I write it. But good point; context is important, and, like you said, people can ask for a shorter version.

You enjoy the remainder of YOUR 24-hour span of time :D

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