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Music Selection for Flash?

2009-10-16 00:04:11 by AdventureBiscuit

I'm just asking all the Flash artists on this site: what and where do you look for in music for your flash?

It just seems that the audio portal has become something other than what it was created for. It seems to be a standalone thing now, which isn't a bad thing.

So do you guys actually go through the audio portal trying to find good music for your movies and games, or do you just look at the frontpage songs?



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2009-10-16 00:30:36

i check out the top of video game/Drum&base and techno genres of each week. i gave up hope in the front page and weekly best. some of it was pretty good and inspired me to create some music of my own, alas, im going to school for programming and i hope to design games in the future :)