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How long do you spend on your music creation?

2009-11-21 00:43:26 by AdventureBiscuit

I don't know about you guys, but I don't spend a lot of time on my songs much at all. I understand that with flash it would take a lot longer, on a count of all the programming and the art and whatnot.

How long does it take you guys? To be honest, I usually start a song one night, then the next day I finish it. I think it's because if I take too long, I'll get sick of writing it, and never finish it. I also tend to get on a roll.

If you listen to one of my songs, chances are that's how long it took me.

What do you think?


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2010-02-04 16:50:36

Wow. Your songs blow me away. I bet if you wait patiently, you'll start to get a lot more views and comments than you do now. Honestly, I like to spend as much time as you do on a certain song, or it bores me and I can never finish. I hope to be getting a video editor soon, and I would like to use your music in a few of my videos if I can. I'll even send a link. Anyways, please keep doing what you're doing.


AdventureBiscuit responds:

I'm really glad you like my stuff, man! I'm actually flattered :D

By all means, you can use my music. I'd love to see these videos, though; make sure you send those links.

I'm still looking forward to hearing your tunes, too :D


2010-07-15 13:50:17

Well, I mostly start some things up by just playing around, and if it's sounds cool or gets my interest of keeping creating on it, I'll do so. Most of my songs have taken about 1-2 weeks to make due to that I take many small breaks time to time. I can't seem to finish a song in 1 or 2 sittings. :P


2010-08-03 14:02:51

I'm in agreement with ThePal. My songs take anywhere from 1-5 hours, to 2-6 days, to 2-3 weeks. I like to take breaks, then come back, listen to it again, and see what I can to spice it up. I find it quite interesting that way, and it always seems to fascinate me when I spend that long on a song, which actually turns out to be a wonderful track with great potential. Mostly it begins with me messing around with different melodies in mind, then I just go off into my "FL Zone" and start making a song. It does get quite tedious after a while, but I'm always thinking that there has to be something more in store for the track.


2012-01-05 03:05:13

Believe it or not. It takes from a week to 2 months to make. Mostly because of lack of motivation and inspiration. But also because I'm a perfectionist much. :P