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Pretty cool.

Pretty clever. I had no idea how it was going to turn out. Nice work dude.

I have to comment on the fact that this is actually their second logo. Their original logo was the one with the valve coming out of the guy's eye socket. There's a challenge for you! :D

Also the characters didn't look quite right. However, it was a minor annoyance, as it was still easy to tell who you were depicting, and the lip sync was top notch.

But ignore these two things and you've got yourself a winner. Brilliant work :D


these americans don't get it. they havnt seen the ad in the first place.

Good work anyhow. i love the teacher's face when she looks at the dad xD

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Captain planet. He's our hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero!

And also, good work. With everything. Good animation, voice acting, concept and jokes. Kevin Rudd is lol!

Good work!

(And congrats on making the broadcast on Q&A. I can imagine it being very well suited for it.)

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I don't usually go out of my way to 100% complete any game, but the progression you've achieved here sparked that part of me that wanted to collect everything. A peaceful experience with many nice touches, diverse goals for the most part. However, it's a little frustrating towards the end as you try to find the last mushroom, open the last chest.

Because of this, I found the ending was slightly anticlimactic for the amount of effort I made to collect everything. Not so much a design flaw as a personal disappointment of my own affliction, but it would have been nice to feel more rewarded for the effort you invest in this flash game, whether in the form of a final challenge akin to the first William and Sly, or something else, perhaps something deeper, more significant regarding story and/or the characters.

This game, as a flash game, asks for quite a bit of time and effort from a player, but not too much, and I never really felt like just quitting. The game gave me reasons to spend the time, even more than the first game did. It pulls you in as you play.

Well done on the visual design too, it is very effective. The music fits well with the visual style as well, the two working together to create a peaceful atmosphere.

I enjoyed this game very much. Well done. :)

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You're the biggest troll I know, mr Slasher145. You approach Meat Boy in rage inducing gameplay.

Nevertheless, I did indeed finish it in something like 350 deaths. Your sense of humour, the catchy music and the overall simple, clean presentation made sure of my completion.

Good job infuriating the people of newgrounds :P

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If for no other reason, I recognise this game for it's sound design. I should certainly be doing so, seeing as you were a candidate for best audio.

I loved the music. Infinitely relaxing, it fitted perfectly with the asthetics of the game (which were quite lovely too). I also loved the interactive element when it came to the sound. Sometimes I would jump, double jump or float, and the chimes that played created perfect harmony with the music. The notes you have chosen musically harmonised with the specific chords of the song at all times, and it was an excellent design choice.

Unfortunately, many people will not conciously recognise your design choices in this regard; this is made worse by the fact that it is difficult to enjoy the music, a big part of the experience, while you're pressed for time as you play the game. It is also a very different platforming experience to many, and essentially players are taken out of their comfort zone and must play the game a different way to traditional platformers (in which you can move left and right). Players will be focusing more on trying to work out how to play the game well, rather than the actual visual and audio design. This is made more intense due to the time limit.

None of this is actually bad, but I found myself stressing as I played, which is disappointing because I would imagine that if time were not an issue, the game would be very relaxing. And I wanted to be relaxed by, and really enjoy this game. It wasn't an incredibly hard game, but I feel that it was more challenging than it really needed to be, and that was because of the time limit.

Perhaps you could take this same idea of interactivity between player actions and sound design and apply it to another style of gameplay (perhaps less demanding in terms of concentration and skill). You could also take the gameplay ideas present here and make it the focus of a game, rather than complicating it with (admittedly amazing) sound design and graphics.

Of course, this is all my opinion and irrelevant to this actual submission, and I will score this game for how it is.

In short, it was a fantastic game with amazing music, clever sound design and pretty graphics. However, the score has dropped a bit due to unnecessary time restrictions in a game that gives an atmosphere of relaxation.

Keep it up, bro.

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Heaps of potential

This isn't quite the worst MIDI thing I've heard. On the contrary, it's quite brilliant. Record this, bro. It'll be kickass!

I don't know if you've heard anything from Enter Shikari, but this song reminds me of how they kinda structure their songs.

You've done well with MIDI now, but maybe if you put the song through something like Reason (or any other commercial software, Reason is what I use at least) then you could make it sound awesome. Of course, if you could record it, that would be even better.

Keep up the good work!

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shadowClint responds:

Thank you! Now that you mention it, it's really reminding me of the Enter Shikari build-ups. Generally every friend of mine liked this song when I showed it, so I figured it would work.

I will PM you now.


I really like the vocals. I like that they're not perfect. It suits the style of the song. Plis, a song about African animal corpses doesn't need pitch-perfect vocals anyway :D

The lyrics made me laugh. Some of them are so silly, but some are very clever, and they all work beautifully in the context of the song and melody.

But I think that this song is very flat in terms of dynamics (which isn't neccesarily bad). It's just that the guitar doesnt change much at all. It does suit the song, but adding bass and simple percussion as the song goes on might make it more interesting to listen to and continue listening to. Shaker, bass drum and sidestick (and perhaps progressively to a normal snare strike) would make a nice comination, methinks.

But you've done VEERYY well. I really like this song. Keep it up bro!

warefish responds:

Cheers dude! I'm really glad you like it. :D

Most of the songs I post up here are rough demos. So the tips are always greatly apreciated!!

Thanks muchly!!


damn cool.

This is pretty neat. Kinda reminds me of disney or something of the sort. This sort of music has been done before, yes, but somehow you've made it unique and fresh!

Very easy to listen to; plus it'll take a long time to get annoyed at it, which is a very, very good thing for a loop.

Good work, I say!

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I couldn't bear seeing this have an average review rating of 5.5, so I decided to throw a review your way. Which is convenient because reviewing gives me a chance to say this:


Nice work and all that. Keep making these things because they are le awesome.

Jae responds:

: D thanks I will!

Woo, check it! I'm AdventureBiscuit and I'm a musician. Basically the colest kind of biscuit around :D E-mail is: adventurebiscuit@hot mail.com

23, Male

AdventureBiscuit :D

At my house :D


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